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777 Partners closes with the first reinforcement for Vasco da Gama, says journalist



members of 777 Partners arrived in Rio de Janeiro last Tuesday, the 19th, to proceed with the purchase process of Sociedade Anônima do Futebol do Porto. Vasco da Gama and has been meeting with the club’s board of directors.

This Wednesday (20), the Maltese Cross communicated, through an official note, that the Football Committee, which had been taking decisions together, is dissolved, and will enter into a transition process with members of 777 Partners.

But the North American company showed that it is not standing still in the market. According to the journalist Venê Casagrandefrom the newspaper “The day“, a 777 Partners closed with the first reinforcement for the Vasco when the agreement is signed.

Its about Paulo Bracks. With tickets for America-MGwhere he performed a work that was praised, and Internationalhe will be the strongman of the football department Vasco. Also according to the report, Bracks already had at least eight meetings with members of the company to outline the next steps.


Lawyer and postgraduate in Sports Law, with training in Football Management from the CBF and Technical Management from the University of Football, in addition to being a professor at the CBF Academy, Paulo Bracks41 years old, adds experience in the role with passages through America-MG and International.

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