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90 Day Fiancé: Ariela Weinberg Claps Back At Critic Who says She Is Desperate



90 Day Fiancé cast member, Ariela Weinberg clapped back at a critic who said that she is desperate for love. Ariela was married to her ex, Aleandro for almost ten years.

They got divorce and shed decided tot our the world. It was during a trip to Ethiopia that she met Biniyam Shibre. They started dating, and Ariela got pregnant within months.

Ariela returned to America to get prenatal care, and then she traveled back to Ethiopia to have her baby so that Biniyam could witness his baby’s birth. They eventually welcomed their son, Aviel.

The duo has relationship problems on the show, but they eventually got engaged towards the end of their season. The new season showed them fighting over new issues. Ariela invited her fans ex-husband to Ethiopia and fans have been calling her out for her actions.

Many fans are upset because Ariela is too friendly with her ex-husband. One critic said that she is desperate, which is why she traveled to Ethiopia to find a man. “She is so desperate.

So many handsome men in America, but no she has to go all the way to Ethiopia for this” the critic wrote. Ariela didn’t let that slide as she left a sassy response, saying “What can I say? I like the adventure.”

90 Day Fiancé: Fans Don’t Want To See Biniyam And Ariela Split

Fans watched Ariela make extra efforts to look good for her ex, and she has been getting a lot of criticism for that. However, she has been clapping back at her critics.

She admitted that she was happy to see Leandro again and told her fans that everything is fine between her and Biniyam. She also let them know that her sense of humor doesn’t translate well on 90 Day Fiancé.

A lot of 90 Day Fiancé fans are concerned about Biniyam and Ariela‘s relationship. Fans love them together and they don’t want them to break up. They will be happy to know that the duo are still together and strong. The couple are now living in the United States with Avirl.

A few weeks back, Biniyam, who is an MMA fighter had his first fight in New York, and the mother of his son was right beside him. The videos and pictures that were captured by other cast members who attended the event showed that Ariela looked very happy with Biniyam.

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