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A New Glitch In Warzone That Highlight Returning Players From The Gulag. 



Glitches haven’t been a big surprise in Warzone. Well, there is a new one that could work as a mechanic in the future of Warzone. This new glitch makes it possible to see a player when they spawn back from the Gulag.

It has been said that this is due to them coming back with most wanted. Also, it seems like the tagged player has the outline of when you start in the Gulag. If this is the case, it feels like this should have been picked up at some point. This could have happened multiple times but never been picked up in the past.   

Could this be a future mechanic? 

Looking at this glitch, it feels like it could really be used as a mechanic. It could be put into a ruthless mode where you come from the Gulag and are seen by players. It could be used as maybe when a player dies goes to the Gulag but both get a second chance.

One is fighting to respawn without being seen and the loser respawns with basically a bullseye on their chest. There are a lot of ways that this could be used in the future but at the moment, it is still a glitch that needs to be fixed. The amount of glitches in Warzone seems to be growing. 

Why are we getting so many glitches? 

It feels like the Warzone issue is as simple as they have too much of a short time frame between massive updates. This is due to them having a yearly schedule of game release. The fact that they try to release the games alongside a big change for Warzone seems to be really hurting the game. Warzone has had these glitches ever since they had massive changes with the introduction of Black Ops Cold War.

This makes it very likely that it will get a lot worse if it carries on down this path. The next Call of Duty game is scheduled to be this year and how it will turn out is unknown. How they use it alongside Warzone, could really affect what happens to Warzone in the future. 

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