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A New Venom Game In Development 



We have the new Miles Morales game coming to the PS5 that has been announced. Now though, there may be a Venom game coming to us in 2021. We have near to no information on this but we have some exclusive leaked information that suggests that a Venom game could come to us in 2021. This wouldn’t be a massive surprise as it looks like the Spider-man Universe will be expanding. The Venom game though could be developed by an outside studio from Sony like how Batman did with Origins. 


What could the Venom game be? 


There are a lot of things that could be in the Venom game, if it does come out. The biggest thing that could be in the game would be a moral system. That gives you the choice of what to do in the game rather than the option to be a hero or a villain and resemble the Web of Shadows game. With it being in the next generation of consoles, it could be very different to what we’ve seen before. Another thing to note as well, would be how the story will work in the game. Would we follow Venom as Osborn or will it be set before the whole Spider-man game and you’ll play as Eddie Brock as Venom in a more classic Venom host. It could even be a completely different story to the current Spider-man games. 


Could we see more Anti-Hero games?


The Anti-Hero genre of character in video games have kind of died out over the years. With big Anti-Heroes like Kratos, I know he’s a hero dad like figure. It’s hard to find any recently released games that you actually play as a villain, especially in the AAA games. If this Venom game does come to be true. Let’s all hope they focus on the Anti-Hero character and not glorify him and make him a hero like Spider-man. Let’s bite some heads off as Venom in 2021!

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