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A patent shows Electronic Arts is testing new battle pass systems



In recent years, battle pass systems have been integrated into various games. These allow players to unlock cosmetics like skins, weapons, and much more. Apex legends it’s no different, however, it seems like Electronic Arts is testing ways to review this battle pass system. Rather than putting all players on the same path, a patent filed by EA could change the battle pass entirely.

In a patent filed this month, EA revealed plans for a new seasonal rewards distribution system. This battle pass system will be more personalized. Instead of the typical 100-level battle pass, the new system would allow players to choose how to progress. A reward map would give players the option to progress by leveling up. In practice, this means that if you prefer to unlock a weapon skin rather than a weapon charm, the new battle pass system will allow you to do so.

Electronic Arts looks to completely change the battle pass system

The patent describes that the system will feature multiple levels of battle passes. Although this is nothing new, EA mentions that the battle pass could feature four different tiers. Ultimately, this would give players a lot more control in terms of progression and customization.

Since the patent was only filed this month, it could be a long time before EA actually implements it in a game. Also, it is important to note that not all patents end up being used. As the system would allow for better choice and a non-linear path, fans are likely to welcome it. It would also be interesting to see how this system would be integrated into games like Apex Legends. However, this could also provide a hint as to what the Battle Pass reward system would look like in EA’s future. Battlefield qualification.

Electronic Arts Apex Legends Battle Pass Skins

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