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A year after arrest for assaulting his ex, DJ Ivis has one of the most played songs in the country in the voice of Gusttavo Lima



A year after the release of the videos in which he attacks his ex-wife, the digital influencer pamella hollandsinger and music producer Iverson de Souza Araújo, DJ Ivis, returned to hit hits with Wesley Safadão and Gusttavo Lima, with music among the most played in the country.

In the images released on July 11, 2021, DJ Ivis appears beating Pamella in front of the couple’s daughter, then nine months old, her ex-mother-in-law and a friend. Three days after the case became public, Ivis was arrested in a luxury condominium in Aquiraz, in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza.

The artist spent more than three months in prison and was released on October 22. During the repercussion of the aggressions, DJ Ivis lost his contract with the Sony record company, with the production company Vybbe, had canceled partnerships with musicians and songs excluded from the most popular apps. The process involving the musician runs in court secrecy.

Videos show DJ Ivis assaulting his ex-wife in front of his daughter and two other people — Photo: Retrospective / Reproduction

After returning to social networks and thanking him for the “second chance”, DJ Ivis has already recorded a clip with the participation of musician Marcynho Sensação, participated in the recording of the Barões da Pisadinha DVD, produced songs recorded by singer Wesley Safadão and currently a song in which he is among the composers, recorded by Gusttavo Lima, is among the 10 most played in Brazil in the Spotify ranking.

The song “Fala Mal de Mim”, which this Wednesday (20th) is in the 8th position of the ranking, was released on July 8 and already has more than 14 million views on YouTube on the Gusttavo Lima page, which in addition to interpreter made the musical production with DJ Ivis.

Another song produced by Ivis that has not yet been officially released, but is already having repercussions is the song “Macetando”, recorded by Wesley Safadão, who published a video dancing to the song in the company of his wife and children.

With more than 1 million followers on Instagram, DJ Ivis shares his daily routine and works with other artists.

  • Complaint presented to Justice against DJ Ivis considers physical, psychological, patrimonial and moral violence committed against ex-wife
  • DJ Ivis records with Marcynho Sensação the first clip after getting out of prison for assaulting his ex-wife

Police arrest DJ Ivis at home for assaulting ex-wife Pamella Netherlands

Police arrest DJ Ivis at home for assaulting ex-wife Pamella Netherlands

The complaint presented to Justice by the Public Ministry of Ceará (MPCE) pointed out that DJ Ivis committed physical, psychological, patrimonial and moral violence against his ex-wife.

DJ Ivis became a defendant for the aggressions committed against his ex-wife Pamella Holanda on August 16, after the Public Ministry of Ceará (MPCE) filed a complaint.

After Ivis’ arrest, his defense made seven habeas corpus requests before getting the producer released on October 22. When the producer was released, Pamella made a series of videos in which she said that she didn’t feel safe with her ex-husband on the loose.

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