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After A Fazenda 13, Liziane assumes an affair with ex-BBB Antonela



After being the first eliminated from A Fazenda 13, Liziane Gutierrez decided to give her love life a boost and is now living a romance with ex-BBB Antonela Avellaneda. “We’ve known each other for centuries, we met and it happened. After that, we plan to travel to Rio together and see what happens. We are ‘getting to know each other’ and the only thing I can say is that I miss you already “, detailed the influencer in UOL.

Open bisexual, Liziane also says to have spoken to Antonela before taking “the affair”, especially not to generate embarrassment for the model. “I have never fooled anyone who found me bisexual. I still want to get back together with my ex someday, but I don’t see any problem in being with a woman right now. With Antonela, it ended up happening, and now we’re going to see what happens, ”he added.

Asked about possible criticism, she says she already knows that many will say it’s “media”, but that she is prepared. “The funniest part is facing the hypocrisy, isn’t it?” If it was a man and a woman, okay, but because it’s two women, they’ll say we’re doing this to show off. I have already talked about the reality TV that I discovered bi. bothers me, ”he explains.

For those who don’t remember, Antonela was embroiled in a controversy with Pyong Lee during her “Island Record” appearance, and was even accused of being the linchpin of her split from Sammy. In August, the blonde announced her separation from manager Tati Fdez after suffering numerous attacks on the web.

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