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After all, who dies in volume 2 of season 4?



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Warning: Spoiler Alert!

After a long wait, the final episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things are among us. A lot of people were apprehensive about what was to come, especially after a series of provocative interviews from the creators. But after all, who dies in volume 2?

If you’re curious and can’t afford to spend four hours watching this season finale, we have the answer. But beware, CRAZY SPOILERS AHEAD.

Amazingly, the public’s biggest suspicions were confirmed, but it wasn’t as bad as expected. Even though all the main characters were in grave danger of losing their lives, the writers claimed two serious victims, but only one actually died.

the first victim

Long-awaited trailer scene finally happens

The biggest loss of the season was Eddie Munsonthe club leader Hell fire. He died trying to buy more time for the attack on vecnadetermined to protect Dustin from attacks by demonic bats.

The Hawkins youth had a plan to stop Vecna ​​that involved using Max of bait. Erica and Lucas would help the girl lure the monster safely, while Eddie and Dustin would be the distraction. Finally, Steve, robin and nancy would give the final blow to the villain. But things started to go wrong when the psychotic leader of the basketball team showed up.

The attack team was tied up by the vines of Vecna’s house and needed more time to act. So Eddie decided to send Dustin out of the house. inverted world against their will and run around on a bike making as much noise as possible to lure the creatures as far away as possible. He succeeded, but ended up being devoured in the process.

the second victim

Can you escape the Vecna ​​twice?

At first, Max mayfield also dies in the last episode. Erica and Lucas were supposed to use the song to save the girl when the time came, but the basketball team leader shows up and thinks it’s all a satanic ritual, starting a fight with Lucas. Therefore, no one can touch the Walkman and it is left for the Eleven save the friend in the final moment.

Max’s heart stops for a minute, but she comes back to life, even if in a coma. Thus, Vecna’s plan is realized and four dimensional rips appear by Hawkins, making more 22 victims. Among them, the leader of the basketball team, who is ripped in half. Who said it all went wrong anyway?

the fourth season of Stranger Things is available at Netflix.

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