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After alleged betrayal on Ilha Record, Pyong and Sammy Lee remarry · TV News



Pyong and Sammy Lee announced on Wednesday (20) that they have reconciled and resumed their marriage. The couple’s comeback comes three months after the separation, prompted by an alleged betrayal of the hypnotist on the Ilha Record reality show. “Forgiveness is not something we deserve. We don’t deserve it, I don’t deserve it. Forgiveness is given to us out of love, ”the former BBC wrote on social media.

“The love of my life has forgiven me, that’s why today is a day of joy! In my heart, and certainly in Heaven! “Concluded the vice-champion of the Record reality series. According to him,” true repentance “turned him into someone else.

The announcement came five days after Pyong returned to Instagram. The hypnologist was far from social networks since the controversy in the reality of Record. He had posted a video crying and begging his wife and their son Jake for forgiveness. In July, the influencer announced the end of the relationship and indicated that she was “officially single”.

She also wrote about the return of the wedding on Instagram: “I allowed myself to meet this new person, but I also chose to truly forgive the man I swore not to give up before God.”

Sammy quoted from the Bible passage: “I’d rather fail with my family than prosper without them. She said her studies of the Book of Ecclesiastes helped her forgive Pyong’s alleged infidelity. “The family is God’s plan, fight for yours,” he concluded.

Read the couple’s posts below:

troubled separation

The relationship between Pyong and Sammy has been marred by controversy. Last year, the entrepreneur left the influencer alone, at the end of her pregnancy, to join BBB20. On the reality show Globo, he practiced inappropriate behavior against Marcela McGowan, Bianca Andrade (Boca Rosa) and Flay.

At the time, he was investigated by the Rio de Janeiro civilian police for sexual harassment. The negative repercussion of the affair caused a crisis in the marriage, overcome by the couple. In July of this year, the relationship experienced a new crisis, with the entrepreneur’s participation in Ilha Record.

The network released a trailer in which Lee appeared under the quilt with Antonela Avellaneda, and the mystery of an alleged betrayal was explored during the episodes. Throughout the season, the public saw that it was all just a marketing ploy by Record. However, Sammy decided to end the relationship.

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