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After André Gonçalves was sentenced to house arrest, Dani Winits sends indirect on the web



Danielle Winits and André Gonçalvesthe reproduction

Published 11/25/2021 9:25 AM

Rio – Danielle Winits, the wife of André Gonçalves, sent a clue to Stories, on Instagram, after the revelation that the actor had been sentenced to house arrest, with use of an electronic ankle bracelet, for no -payment of alimony for his daughter, Valentina, 18, the result of her marriage to the journalist and actress Cynthia Benini, who lodged a complaint. “Empathy is a matter of public utility,” posted the actress in Stories.

Sylvio Guerra, the actor’s lawyer, justified the artist’s food debt to the DIA, who was placed under house arrest on Tuesday, because he has been unemployed since 2016 and cannot pay the agreements in full. .

“He has been unemployed since 2016, when he was fired from Rede Globo after more than 20 years of work. He has two daughters and a son and pensions have been deducted from his payroll. Then, in 2016, when he was made redundant, he was no longer able to honor the combined pensions thanks to agreements made many years ago, ”said the lawyer.

He further explains that the actor “has never stopped working together” to raise his children. “As he was doing extra work, a theater, the Dança dos Famosos, in Faustão, whenever he had work he paid, it was not the total amount of the pension, but he never failed to contribute with a certain monthly amount, ”he argues. .

After the issuance of the home arrest warrant for 60 days by the judge in Santa Catarina, the judge in Rio must go to the actor’s home, summon him and install an electronic ankle bracelet, which he will use. during the 60 days.

The actor was married to journalist Cynthia Benini between 2002 and 2006. The two met on the reality show Casa dos Artistas. Together they had Valentina Benini in March 2003. The actor was already the father of Manuela Gonçalves and Pedro Arthur, the result of previous relationships with actresses Tereza Seiblitz and Myrian Rios, respectively.

Afterwards, André briefly dated actress Letícia Sabatella and singer Bianca Chami. In 2016, he began to have a relationship with actress Daniele Winits, getting married that same year. This month, Winits congratulated her husband with a romantic social media post.

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