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After assuming, Sandra Annenberg appears in the Gay Parade



After assuming that she unconditionally supports gays, Sandra Annenberg in June participated in the LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade in the capital of São Paulo and surprised.

Apart from the journalist, many celebrities participated in the event. She posted on her networks a series of three images taken at the Parada. The first, a selfie with loved ones, that is, your fans.

The second photo, Sandra Annenberg showed one of the electric trios. And, the last one, a video filmed during one of the shows. “It doesn’t have to be to support. We are together!”, commented the presenter at the beginning of the text. “Parada de SP is the biggest in the world!”, commented the journalist of Globo Repórter, Sandra Annenberg.

She won the public’s affection in the comments. “What beautiful and paper-conscious people in the world,” said one. “YEEEESSSS!! How cool you were!!!! 🙌”, commented another. “You always making a difference always congratulations congratulations”, declared a third. “I love you, thank you for existing, notice me. I imitate you with great affection and admiration!”, said another.

Sandra Annenberg went to the Gay Pride

Another well-known person who won a lot of praise there was Adriane Galisteu. The beauty took her 11-year-old son to see the Parade. She also published images alongside the young man and commented on the networks. “Good morning dear ones! Thank you for the messages of affection yesterday, I will always show my son the path of respect, freedom and love”, said Sandra Annenberg’s friend.

“After all, love is the only true revolution. Great week for you, my kiss!”, declared Adriane Galisteu on social networks.

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