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After Europe Sony Also Slowed the Download Speed ​​in the US



After Europe Sony Also Slowed the Download Speed ​​in the US


Early last week, Sony announced a bandwidth limitation to download its PlayStation games amid the coronavirus epidemic in Europe.

Reporting from Engadget, Monday (3/30/2020) Sony has announced it will do this similar to the United States by limiting the speed of downloading PlayStation games. Like the previous announcement, Sony explained they only reduce the bandwidth to download the game but gamers can still enjoy strong gameplay.

This means that Sony does not plan to limit traffic playing online games but only enough to download files.

By limiting download speeds, the company hopes to maintain network stability as more people use the game to spend time at home.

They realize, to eliminate the boredom of most people who are social distancing streaming music, films, and games that create a dense internet network with large amounts of traffic.

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