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After investigation, Deolane throws a party with 5,000 beers and cachaça waterfall



Deolane Bezerra is going to have a blast today at her Festa da Ressaca Julina, organized in a salon in São Paulo, after being visited by the police last week.

The doctor’s advice informed the splash that the event will have 1,000 guests, 5,000 cans of beer, a fountain of cachaça and 300 bottles of whiskey.

Among the attractions will be Solange Almeida, Tierry, Gabi Martins, Maria Clara and Yasmin Santos. Guests will still be able to play in the kissing tent and the mechanical bull.

Deolane Bezerra promotes party in São Paulo - Leo Franco/ Agnews - Leo Franco/ Agnews
Image: Leo Franco/ Agnews

Car seizure valued at R$1 million

Last week, civil police officers complied with a search and seizure court order in order to collect evidence for the investigation that seeks to investigate influencers who have advertised for the Betzord company.

According to Deolane’s sister, two cars, a Land Rover Discovery and a Porsche, worth about R$ 1 million, were seized at the influencer’s mansion.

In addition, Rolex watches and a notebook with notes were taken by the police.

Deolane’s legal team informed Splash columnist Lucas Pasin that: “In the court order, Deolane Bezerra is listed only as investigated as a result of an alleged sponsorship of the investigated company in relation to a party that took place in mid-2021, not any de facto criminal connection to the influencer”.

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