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After Martinho da Vila, Adele’s music is compared to the success of Chico Buarque



RIO – Does singer Adele take inspiration from Brazilian music to compose her songs? This is what the internet has suggested – after comparing the song “Million Years Ago” to “Mulheres”, by Martinho da Vila (a situation which even involved a lawsuit), it is now the turn of “To Be Loved “, a new album by the singer, to be noted as similar to” Eu Te Amo “, a composition by Chico Buarque and Tom Jobim, from 1980.

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The England darling’s new album was released last Friday. There was barely time to listen, but the sharpest auditions have already captured the similarity in the introduction to the two songs. A Tweet shows the two, played one after the other. Listen and compare:

The discussion started on the Internet and had the participation of music professionals, who explained why the similarity was due. This is not a case of plagiarism (phew! Adele got rid of it), but a simple harmonic pattern, common in the world of music. – Chico’s is a chord sequence with similar movement but different harmonies, while Adele’s is simply a descending scale in the pattern 2-3 1-2 7-1 6-7 and so on. They are SIMPLE and considerably different musical forms – one internet user explained.

The thesis was corroborated in another answer: – The notes of “te amo” in this phrasing are in ascending and descending direction in monochromatic scale accompanied by the bass, while To be love is only down in soprano… – elucidated a fan of the singer. There were even those who took the time to analyze it serenely, as in the thread below:

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plagiarism accusation

While the internet is having fun, a similar affair has been taken more seriously this year. Toninho Geraes, composer of “Mulheres”, a 1995 song performed by Martinho da Vila, wants Adele to recognize the inspiration in the credits of the album “25”. – I don’t want to fight, I just want them to recognize that my music is part of their work, said Geraes, who informed Sony Music label, XL Recordings. [gravadora britânica]/ Group of beggars [incorporador da XL], Adele and Greg Kurstin, producer of “Million Years Ago”.

The composer wishes to receive compensation for moral damages, musical royalties and to be credited as a co-author. Technical reports were even commissioned from three musical experts to “technically break down” the two works. According to the lawyer in the case, Fredímio Biasotto Trotta, – by removing the ornaments and other supporting notes, what remains is the same skeleton, the same melodic structure – reported to G1.

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