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After rains at a show in Natal, Whindersson Nunes apologizes and returns money to fans – 07/18/2022



Comedian Whinderson Nunes took to social media to apologize for the show he performed in Natal, on Saturday (16), at Arena das Dunas. With the heavy rains, a good part of the spectators was hampered to follow the comedian’s presentation, who regretted the situation. The organization of the event has provided a link to return the money for the tickets of those who were unable to attend the show.

Reproduction / Instagram
Whindersson Nunes apologized for the inconvenience caused by the rain at a show

Whindersson Nunes apologized for the inconvenience caused by the rain at a show

“Christmas/RN guys, a thousand apologies for the event that it wasn’t a show like you deserved… I’ve been through everything on stage, and so far everything has always worked out, if a child cries, we sing Baby Shark, if the Drooling gets in the way for us to draw closer, but a rain shower was really the first time”, said the comedian.

According to the statement from the show’s organization “This is not a cult”, the team worked throughout the week in organizing the structure and following the weather forecast, but it was not possible to minimize the inconvenience caused.

“I also go to shows, and when I don’t feel like they delivered what they promised it makes perfect sense to get my money back. I left refund information in my stories for those who felt wronged, again a thousand apologies, and I hope at another time you can see my best”, said Whindersson Nunes.

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