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All Birthday Cakes in Fortnite – Cake Locations



If you are looking to complete Fortnite’s third birthday challenges, you will need to find a cake. Well, they are scattered all over the map in different POI locations. These are not too difficult to find when heading into the area, but getting to each of them will take some time. It will be worth it though, because you can get pretty sweet free cosmetics including a nice glitter on the back if you can complete all the challenges.

Where to find birthday cake locations in Fortnite

To find all the birthday cakes, you will need to go to ten different places. These are named POI locations that include Doom’s Domain, Sweaty Sands, Salty Springs, Holly Hedges, Weeping Woods, Slurpy Swamp, Misty Meadows, Lazy Lake, Retail Row, and Dirty Docks. The cakes don’t appear in any of the other named areas, so don’t waste your time in those places.

All birthday cake locations on the Fortnite map

You must go to the 10 places and dance in front of each of the cakes. Just use any emote once you get to the POI and that should be enough to complete the challenge. You’ll also want to eat some cake, because gaining health or shield will count toward another challenge you must complete.

If you are having trouble locating any of the cakes, watch this video:

It would be a good idea to take a helicopter and blow up all the cakes, but it would also be wise to distribute it to different parties. You will have to play in 10 different matches for one of the challenges, so jumping into different games will help to count towards that total.

Here’s a look at all the challenges for the 3rd birthday event:

  • Play Matches (10)
  • Dance in front of different birthday cakes (10)
  • Outsmart opponents (500)
  • Earn health or shield with the birthday cake (50)

If you’re curious what you can earn for completing these challenges, here’s a look at the cosmetics you can earn!

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