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All you need to know about the APAC North November Six Major!



November 24 the APAC North November Six Major 2020 starts where Giants Gaming, Cyclops, Cloud9, Xavier Esports, Fav Gaming and GUTS Gaming battle it out for a share out of the $80,000 USD Prize pool and the 510 Six Invitational Points to the 1st placed team.

APAC North November Six Major Participants

Giants Gaming – 1st Place APAC North Division

CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming – 2nd Place APAC North Division

Cloud9 – 3rd Place APAC North Division

Xavier Esports – 4th Place APAC North Division

FAV Gaming – 5th Place APAC North Division

GUTS Gaming – 6th Place APAC North Division

Cloud9 won the previous Six Major back in August!

Prize Pool

1st Place – $25,600 USD and 510 Six Invitational Points

2nd Place – $16,800 USD and 390 Six Invitational Points

3rd Place – $12,800 USD and 225 Six Invitational Points

4th Place – $10,400 USD and 180 Six Invitational Points

5th Place – $8,000 USD and 140 Six Invitational Points

6th Place – $6,400 and 115 Six Invitational Points

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Unlike the November Six Major NA, the APAC north Six Major will be played in a single elimination bracket where teams once they lose a series they are eliminated from the tournament. Giants Gaming and Cyclops are already in the Semis due to placing top 2 in the APAC North Division.

There will be a 5th place match to the teams that get eliminated in the Quarter-Finals and a 3rd place match to the teams eliminated in the Semi-Finals.

The November Six Major 2020 APAC North bracket. /Credit: Ubisoft


Day 1 – November 24th
FAV Gaming vs Xavier Esports will be the opener match followed by GUTS Gaming against Cloud9.

Q1 – FAV Gaming vs Xavier Esports – 09:00H UTC+0

Q2 – GUTS Gaming vs Cloud9 – 12:30H UTC+0

Day 2 – November 25th

SF1 – Giants Gaming vs Q1 Winner – 09:00H UTC+0

SF2 – CYCLOPS vs Q2 Winner – 12:30H UTC+0

Day 3 – November 29th

Grand Final – SF1 Winner vs SF2 Winner – 09:30H UTC+0

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Talent for the APAC North November Six Major

Casters Lineup for the APAC North Six Major. /Credit: Ubisoft

Twitch Drops

Once again the spectators can be rewarded with Six Major in-game charms! The Six in-game weapon charms can be universally equipped: Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The longer you watch, the higher ranked the charm is. Be sure to register your account by heading over to and link your Twitch account to your Ubisoft account. Don´t forget to watch everything here!

The Six Major in-game charms. /Credit: Ubisoft

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