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“Always spoke ill of him…”; after statement about Arthur Aguiar, Slovenia is criticized on the web; fans defend



Arthur Aguiar returned to be subject last Tuesday (19), during the participation of Slovenia on the podcast “PodDarPrado”, by digital influencer Gabi Prado. At the time, the former confinement colleague of the BBB 22 champion was asked if Maira Cardi’s husband would have used his experience as an actor to benefit in the game.

The marketing student, then, said she would not use the word act, but agreed that the former Rebel used some tricks on the reality show. “I think acting is not the word, but I think he [Arthur] used a lot of tricks that he had to know how to deal with the game and I think that’s very smart, you know how to use what you want for something you want“.

On social media, opinions were well divided with the statement by the Lucas Bissoli’s girlfriend. “Eslô realized that hating Arthur is easier, right? OUT OF NOTHING talking about his career?“, complained a Twitter user. “Eslô being Eslô. Always badmouthed him in the game all the time behind his back. Ahead was another. Now he joined the wave of hate against Vyni and Arthur“, wrote another.

However, some netizens defended the former Miss Pernambuco. “She didn’t talk about him… On the contrary, she said that she was surprised by him, after she got to know his heart, she saw that he is a good person and that she likes him“, pondered a tweeter. “Man, she didn’t say much“, remarked another.

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