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Amazon Has Cancelled A Lord Of The Rings MMO. 



Announced in 2019, a Lord Of The Ring MMO looked promising. A bit of an odd choice as there is currently a Lord of the Rings MMO that is still supported. It was released in 2007, which makes a new version of the game much needed.

This new free-to-play MMO that was established to perhaps take control of the highly praised game. That no longer appears to be the case. It has now been informed by the Bloomberg report that it has now been canceled. Because Amazon and Tencent could not agree on the terms to create the game.

Was it always destined to fail?

Amazon’s history with its IPs is no longer very good. Now there are many past flops and most of their games are not even released. They still have games in development, but we haven’t seen any releases from them that meet the standards we see in gaming today.

It seemed like this was going to be used as a marketing ploy just to try and promote their upcoming LOTR TV show. This is most likely one of the reasons the game never launched. The other is the fact that giving a large IP like LOTR to develop a game seems like a terrible choice nowadays.

An upcoming LOTR game

If you were expecting this game, don’t be discouraged as there is still another LOTR game in development that is not from Amazon. This is the recently delayed Gollum. A 2022 release date is currently being seen.

The game follows Gollum, who appears to be in Biting. It seems to be primarily a stealth game and an open world. We still don’t have that much information about the game. It seems like it might be interesting to see the LOTR in a stealth genre game.

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