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Amazon may not deliver Xbox Series X at launch



With the new generation of consoles coming out in the near future, the demand has been high for everyone. So high, that Amazon has already sent an email with pre-orders for the PlayStation 5, saying that the arrival would be delayed. People feared this would apply to all Amazon consoles, and it has been confirmed to have spread to at least Amazon. The Xbox Series X now has a warning attached on Amazon, saying that shipping could be delayed.

This all came about when Amazon sent this email to the people who pre-ordered the Xbox Series X:

Amazon sends emails to Xbox Series X precomputers.

Image from Reddit

This email clearly shows that Amazon has the same shipping issues as it does with the PS5. This is not a surprise, as COVID-19 has caused many deliveries to take much longer, regardless of the product. Not only is the pandemic making delivery difficult, but Amazon has had shipping issues with older consoles. For example, with the launch of the PS4, some buyers received the consoles early and others received them too late.

However, so far this delay seems to affect only the Xbox Series X on Microsoft’s side. Xbox Series S buyers have yet to receive any such emails, but we have no idea if the demand is as great as the Xbox Series X.

With the launch on November 10, buyers expect the updates by then to be good. But if this delay is causing you problems, at least such an early warning leaves you open to other decisions. Whether it’s buying an Xbox Series X from a different online retailer or a different physical store, there are other ways. Hopefully this problem is small and everyone can start playing their new favorite games quickly.

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