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American Truck Simulator Is A Chill Game With A Challenge



American Truck Simulator dropped four years ago as the latest in SCS Software’s Truck Simulator series. Since then it has gotten updates and new content regularly.

What I dig most about this game is how low-intensity it is. 

A Game To Chill With: American Truck Simulator 

Normally with driving games, you’re either racing, escaping, or heading somewhere for a mission. ATS falls into that last category.

Your objective is to deliver cargo from a contractor to the customer. That’s it. You’re driving the truck either across the county or across states.

You only have three challenges. The main one is to get the cargo to its destination quickly. Your other objectives are to obey the rules of the road and not damage the truck too much.

I guess we can add “make sure you don’t run out of gas” to the list. Anyway, those challenges are all below mild.  

The mildest is the main challenge, really. Developers SCS Software put California, Nevada, and Arizona in the vanilla version of the game.  

Other states in the western U.S are available as DLC but those three initial states give you a lot to do. Jobs replenish each time.

Each job has a price, a deadline, the destination, and the total distance.  The game is fair so even at longer hauls, the deadline can be made.

We’re not talking “Deliver these hogs from L.A to New York in a day.” There’s also a business management element here.  

While you will be doing mostly driving sim stuff, you’re managing your truck driving career. If you make enough money, you can invest in your own truck and even your own company. 

Once you get your own company, other drivers take on jobs and make you money. At the same time, you’re able to continue taking jobs.  

After all, that’s too real of simulation if you’re the manager in a room waiting for your drivers. American Truck Simulator also has an online component where you can play with other drivers.

I haven’t explored this much since I’m not a huge multiplayer fan, so it’s still very much an unknown for me. 

It’s A Rage Reducer 

I rarely rage out in games; it would have to be a broken boss that hasn’t been fixed in some time—that everyone knows about—to get me into rage mode.  

However, ATS is a good palate cleanser from heavy action and competitive games. It’s one of the mildest games out there. There’s a bit of a challenge, nothing that a novice player can’t handle. 

Since it’s simulation, you need problem-solving skills and patience. That’s it. On top of that, the game is low intensity. You don’t even need that much skill with problem-solving.

Patience will be there because your only enemy is the deadline. Nothing—or no one—is attacking you. It’s not a puzzle to solve.  

You’re just delivering some obviously dangerous municipal waste from one city to another as the sunsets over Arizona. 

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