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Among Us Inspired Call of Duty: Mobile Game Mode Leaked?



A COD Mobile game mode inspired by Among Us has been leaked on the Chinese version of the game. The game mode works similar to the phenomenal Among Us mobile game. This COD Mobile game mode inspired by Among Us is called “Werewolf Mode ”where players work together and complete tasks while one of them pretends to be an ally and secretly murders the rest of the players. Players will have a brief window from time to time to chat and determine who is the impostor and vote for him. Not much is known about this new game mode other than a few leaks posted online. Here’s a look at the COD Mobile game mode inspired by Among Us, “Werewolf Mode”.

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Among Us, Inspired by COD Mobile Game Mode Details

Based on in-game footage provided by COD Mobile streamer, Zenix, the game mode is referred to as “Werewolf Mode”. The game begins with 12 players searching for weapons and ammo around the Meltdown map. These weapons range from pistols to powerful shotguns.

Players must work together and complete tasks in the game. Some tasks will require players to collect materials scattered around the map. During this time, a random player will be tasked with sabotaging and killing other players.

There will be a group meeting between rounds where everyone will discuss and determine who the impostor is. At the end of each discussion, there will be a brief voting session where players can vote on who they think is the impostor and kick him out of the game. If the players fail to vote against the impostor, the game continues. until the next meeting.

This game mode is a breath of fresh air for players who just want less competitive matches. The game is less about combat and more about the role of detectives and determining who the enemy is among the twelve players in the game.

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This Among Us-inspired COD Mobile game mode is only available on COD Mobile’s Chinese server. There is no update indicating whether Global Servers will receive this update soon. Players will need to keep their eyes peeled for upcoming Activision updates.

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