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Ana Maria confronts directors and prevents last-minute changes to ‘Mais Você’



Ana Maria Braga did not accept changes in her program and asked for Globo’s top leadership

TV Globo promoted a series of changes in its programming, so as of next Monday, July 4th, ‘Mais Você’ will be in a new schedule and Patricia Poet assumes the “Meeting”, after the departure of Fátima Bernardes. With the changes to the grid, directors chose to make an internal change in the morning commanded by Ana Maria Bragahowever, the presenter did not receive the decision positively.

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According to Alessandro Lo Bianco, the station wanted to end the recorded recipes in which the blond Jose, played by the late actor Tom Veiga. The decision was not well accepted by Ana Maria Braga, even knowing that part of the public has confused the two Blondes, the communicator did not think it was right to cut her old partner from the VTs.

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After Ana Maria challenged the top management and prevented the last-minute change, directors made a sweeping decision and chose to leave the recorded recipes as they are. The reason would be the fear of losing the presenter, because the blonde is a fundamental part in the mornings of the channel and darling of the advertising market, generating great revenue for the channel.

Ana Maria Braga

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Ana Maria Braga declares political position (Photo: Reproduction/Editing)

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Ana Maria Braga (Photo: Mauricio Fidalgo/TV Globo)

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It should be noted that as of Monday, July 4th, ‘Mais Você’ will be shown from 10:45 am, right after the “Meeting”. Ana Maria’s program will continue with the same format as before, focusing on entertainment and tasty recipes, meanwhile, Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares should appeal more to journalism and service provision when taking over the morning of Fátima Bernardes.

Ana Maria Braga and Louro Mané (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
Ana Maria Braga and Louro Mané (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

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