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Ana Paula Siebert denies that Justus asks her to always wear makeup



Ana Paula Siebert denied the rumors that circulated on the Internet last Tuesday (19). Married with Roberto Justus, the model used her social media to dispel rumors.

One is that Justus would have been unfaithful and demanded that she put on makeup before waking up, so that he would always see her overproduced.

“This is the most lying lie that I have read in days. Whoever invented it should be ashamed to write something so crass…” Ana laughed at the rumors that she is 100% made up for Justus.

The model, when asked about having more children, whose decision was reportedly denied by her husband, confirmed the deal, as Justus has four more children from previous relationships. “I wanted to have two, but we agreed to only have Vicky, because she already has 4 brothers and I’m super happy and fulfilled.”

Ana has also denied that she doesn’t get along with her husband’s ex-wives. “I hate jealousy,” she began, who said it’s a lie that she and Ticiane Pinheiro don’t speak. “Lie! We’re still talking about Rafa [Rafaella Justus, filha de Ticiane e Justus]! We have no reason not to speak! I respect her, her and her story, and especially Rafa. So we talk, yes, we talk about important decisions for the good and the harmony of each one in the family, because that is what counts! “.

Ana also said she blocked enemies because it was the easiest way to get away from those who didn’t like her and also denied that she and Justus slept in separate rooms. “Lying. We never sleep apart. Another someone’s invention.

When it came to whether she had ever been betrayed by Justus, she denied it. “Lying. I trust my husband a lot. He’s not that type! But… if you know something, I’ll take it straight. @Robertoljustus, all eyes on you!” The model joked.

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