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Ancient Secret Temple Event Is Coming To PUBG MOBILE



Earlier this month, Tencent did an initial reveal of a new event involving Egyptian Pharaohs on the PUBG MOBILE Beta servers. After Spark The Flame, an event with the theme ‘Ancient Secret’ was announced. PUBG MOBILE’s official Twitter handle posted this last night, stating that the Ancient Secret event will be added to global servers on 4th August. 

The Ancient Secret event will see classic maps like Erangel and Miramar undergoing a change with new temple locations appearing on the map. These are similar to the tents that sprung up during Spark The Flame. Players will be able to see the temples moving, rising into the sky. These Egyptian Pharaoh themed temples will give players opportunities to solve riddles and earn some rewards in the Ancient Secret event. The loot dropped as rewards will include weapons, ammo and equipment. 

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A Match on the Ancient Secret Temple Map

Matches start as usual in respective spawn lobbies. A few seconds later, an ancient ruin will appear from the corner of the map. The sky will darken and a huge figure made of dust will appear from the temple ruins. During the Ancient Secret event, the map will show two new yellow coloured icons. Some are shaped like small pillars and the other three look like step pyramids

Approaching the small pillars, players will see a small ruin. Each ruin has a locked treasure chest with one of many puzzles/riddles. Don’t fret though, these puzzles aren’t too hard to solve. Players will get non-legendary loot from the chests including weapons, ammo and attachments. Players can also get ‘cursed by the Pharaoh’ making them look like a mummy for a few seconds.  

Over at one of the three temples, players will see a larger ruin similar to those seen in the spawn lobby. Head over to the temple as quickly as possible because, in a few minutes, it will rise into the air and fly around. Inside and there are four rooms with puzzles and treasure chests. Solve the puzzles to get loot. 

Players can stay inside while the temple starts flying and it will fly you to the safe zone. A few minutes after the temple is in the air, a message flashes stating that the ‘Guardian’s door’ has been opened. Head upstairs into a large room where you will face off against a Guardian. Inside the room activate two relics and the Guardian will appear and start attacking. 

Make sure to stock up on ammo and health because once the battle starts, the exit is blocked. To beat the Guardian, players need to be familiar with its attacks. It will make snakes appear to attack you or fire narrow shockwaves for a direct attack. It can also target you with some Area of Effect fire attacks. The snakes can be shot while the other attacks can be dodged by looking at the markers. The Guardian and snakes have limited mobility so they are easy to navigate around. 

Once the Guardian has been defeated, a treasure chest containing high-level loot will appear. The loot is similar to that found in Airdrops.

imageDefeat the Guardian for some Airdrop grade loot
Courtesy: Kausik Playz

Once players finish the Guardian fight, the play zone will have reduced in size quite a bit. The other two temples may be pretty close-by. Keep an eye out on the other two temples because there might be opponents there with high-level loot as well. 

imageWatch out for other players in the nearby floating temples
Courtesy: Kausik Playz

After some time, the temples will disintegrate and you will parachute back down to the ground, concluding the Ancient Secret event and the game will continue as normal.

PUBG MOBILE will also add The Ancient Secret event as well as the new Livik Map in the v0.19.0 update.

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