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Andressa Urach’s Son Claims She Deleted His Youtube Videos



Andressa Urach, 34, and her son Arthur, 16, experience yet another fight episode familiar. This time, the young man claims that his mother deleted, without her permission, videos from the YouTube channel he has with his girlfriend, Brenda Medeiros.

He spoke today (20) about the subject, on Instagram Stories. Revolted by Andressa’s attitude, he detailed what had happened.

“For you to see what a good mother, isn’t it? She just joined my channel and deleted most of my videos. And she canceled my number, okay? Even though we paid,” he said.

The young man explained about the moment he found out that it was Andressa who deleted the videos, as her device appeared in the channel’s information: “Do I need to say anything else?”.

Girlfriend Brenda also used Stories to comment on what had happened, quite unhappy with the situation.

“We have already tried to contact YouTube to try to get our videos back and we changed our channel’s password. And, for those who don’t know, what happened on our channel is a crime. It’s invasion and you can’t, it’s wrong”, she said. .

Recently, Andressa has been using her internet channels to talk about her fights with her eldest son.

Yesterday, she came to the hospital after experiencing severe chest pain and headache. She was medicated and released to return home.

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