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Anesthetist applied sedative to pregnant woman 7 times, says police



Anesthetist in work uniform
Anesthetist participated in three surgeries on the day of the arrest (photo: reproduction)

Anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 31, was indicted for rape of a vulnerable person after being caught in a video sexually abusing a patient during a cesarean section. The survey was concluded this Tuesday (7/19) by the Women’s Service Station of So Joo de Meriti (DEAM-SJM).

As provided for in the Penal Code, the crime is subject to imprisonment from 8 to 15 years for “having carnal intercourse or practicing another lewd act with someone who, due to illness or mental deficiency, does not have the necessary discernment to practice the act, or who , for any other reason, cannot offer resistance.”

The police station heard 19 people in the investigation, including the author and victim, husband, technical and medical staff and police officers.

According to the survey, the anesthesiologist applied a drug seven times to sedate the pregnant woman. He would have waited just 50 seconds after the victim’s husband and the pediatrician left the operating room to rape the pregnant woman.

Analyzes were performed on the material kept by the nursing staff after the rape. According to the testimonies, Giovanni cleaned the patient’s face and his own penis with gauze, which was thrown in the trash and then collected by the staff. The material report found no vertigo of semen.

“Giovanni, still positioned towards the patient’s neck and head, started, with his left arm bent, slow movements forward and backward; that by the movement and by the curvature of the arm, it appeared that he was holding the patient’s head towards her pelvic region”, reads one of the declaration terms.

three surgeries

The doctor participated in three surgeries on the day of the arrest. In the first one, the nurses had been surprised by Giovanni’s behavior, who, with the coat, formed a protection that prevented anyone else from seeing the patient from the neck up.

According to the testimonies of doctors and nurses, the anesthesiologists are usually positioned on the opposite side, allowing the rest of the team to see the patient’s face.

The team requested the delivery room dressage for another space, in which Giovanni could be filmed without him noticing. A cell phone was hidden inside a dark glass cabinet, with an angle of view aimed at the point where the anesthesiologist would be. From then on, it was possible to see him practicing rape.

What does the law on rape in Brazil say?

According to the Brazilian Penal Code, in its article 213, in the wording given by Law 2015, of 2009, rape “constrains someone, through violence or serious threat, to have sexual intercourse or to practice or allow another person to be practiced with him/her. lewd act.”

Article 215 includes sexual violation through fraud. This means “having carnal intercourse or performing another lewd act with someone, through fraud or other means that impedes or hinders the victim’s free expression of will”.

What is sexual harassment?

What is rape versus vulnerable?

The crime of rape against a vulnerable person is provided for in article 217-A. The text prohibits the practice of sexual intercourse or other lewd acts with a minor under 14 years of age, under penalty of imprisonment from 8 to 15 years.

In paragraph 1 of the same article, the condition of vulnerable is understood for people who do not have the necessary discernment to perform the act, due to illness or mental deficiency, or who for some reason cannot defend themselves.

Penalties for crimes against sexual freedom

The penalty for those who commit the crime of rape can range from six to 10 years in prison. However, if the assault results in bodily harm of a serious nature or if the victim is between 14 and 17 years old, the penalty ranges from eight to 12 years in prison. And if the crime results in death, the sentence jumps to 12 to 30 years in prison.

the pity for sexual violation by fraud from two to six years in prison. If the crime is committed for the purpose of obtaining economic advantage, a fine is also applied.

In case of crime of sexual harassmentthe penalty provided for in Brazilian law is detention of one to two years.

What is rape culture?

How to report violence against women?

  • call 180 to help victims of abuse.
  • in cases of emergency, call 190.
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