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Animal Adventures: Secrets of Gullet Cove Pre-Orders Now Available



January 27, 2021 by Polar_Bear

The latest source book for Animal adventures is on pre-order. Secrets of Gullet Cove combines some of the previous information, such as letting you create your own awake animal adventurer, with a new set of adventures. You can now get your copies from the Steamforged Games website.

From the website:

Explore a magical campaign setting for the Fifth Edition (or any tabletop RPG) with the new source book Animal Adventures. Inside, you’ll find a place like no other: Gullet Cove!

It’s a wonderful seaside town that’s home to brave heroes and vile villains, with intriguing mysteries and incredible discoveries waiting for you around every corner.

It takes a special kind of hero to get the most out of all that Gullet Cove has to offer, and these heroes are really, very special. They are awake animals – cute, talkative and eager to let loose on adventure!

This book contains everything you need to start exploring Animal adventures world:

  • Rules for creating your own awake cat and dog characters
  • A geographic index filled with information, intrigue hooks and mysteries
  • A bestiary filled with villains, monsters and potential friends
  • 5 thrilling adventures to take you around town
  • Magical items, guild rules and more!

You can use this book to start a brand new campaign or to add Gullet Cove to your existing campaign. What are you waiting for? Welcome to Gullet Cove!


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