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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Thanksgiving Cook-Off



Is there anything better than sitting down to a big feast, surrounded by friends and family on Thanksgiving? Yes. Absolutely crush a culinary rival before sitting down for this feast. That’s why, this year, I launched a totally user-friendly cooking contest with Game InformerInstagram resident chief Brian Shea. Of course, I don’t have any cooking skills. Even the least flammable foods turn to fiery ash as soon as I enter the kitchen. But that doesn’t matter because I have a virtual ace up my sleeve.

I put Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ newly introduced stove to the test, growing crops, stealing techniques from the villagers, and gathering all the ingredients possible to whip up mouth-watering dishes. So instead of a fair fight that I would lose, I challenged my fellow editor to a battle between his actual creations and my, obviously superior, New Horizons masterpieces (whose secrets I’m willing to share. ). I’ll let the reader decide who gets the gold as we take more courses, but I’ll bet a million bells I know who wins.

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