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Announcing Pocket Gamer LaunchPad, the world’s first-ever digital mobile games event | Articles



If you’ve been patiently watching the recent announcement-style video events and thinking ‘But, what about mobile games?’ then you don’t have to wonder any longer. We here at Pocket Gamer have been working away on the idea for a new event for quite some time and we think it’s time that you finally knew about it.

Pocket Gamer LaunchPad is the world’s first digital event to focus specifically on mobile games; we’re going to have daily videos going out on Twitch as well as in-depth coverage of the news here on the website.

That news will be us covering recent launches, upcoming titles, significant updates to existing games and much, much more. There’s going to be lots to see, and lots to talk about, so it’s worth marking the date in your diary.

The first LaunchPad will take place from July 23rd through to July 25th.

We think that this is the best time for an event of this fashion. Mobile gaming is bigger and better than ever and there are more and more mainstream mobile games pushing their way into daily conversation; That and it’s the biggest of the games sectors out there, and everybody has a phone.

From Angry Birds through Pokémon Go to Apple Arcade, people have been talking about mobile milestones for years – we’re building something that will give us a peek into mobile gaming’s future in a way we’ve never seen before.

To ensure you stay up to date with the event, here are a couple of things you can do:
> Sign up to our newsletter
> Subscribe to our YouTube channel
> Join the new Discord

And we’ll see you back here soon to discuss the future of mobile gaming, if not before.

Oh, and if you’re a developer, publisher or PR then you can find out ways to get involved over on our Launchpad hub page. 

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