Apex Season 6 Is Here And It Brings In The Leak Legend Rampart 



The next season in the big Battle Royales is Apex with Season 6. In the short trailer it showed off a bit of new stuff in the map. It mostly showed the new Legend Rampart. She is also coming with a companion, although it could be a big old MiniGun gun. The whole new season has followed the trend with naming their seasons with this one called Booster. We have no clue why this is called Booster but maybe Rampart could be used as a support type of Legend. 

Rampart’s backstory 

At the moment, we have no confirmation on what abilities Rampart will have yet. We do actually have some background story to the character though. According to EA, Rampart made her name in the Underground fight clubs. She also has a focus on fire power though and maybe explosives.

It seems like Apex is doing very well with keeping characters diverse. That’s all we really know at the moment but the season is coming to us pretty soon on the 18th of August where we will know everything about her hopefully. 

What could change in Season 6?

Even though new Legends are always great, there is a lot more still coming to Apex in Season 6. A creative system is being introduced, this is massive. This lets you collect materials and make items for in game use. We are not sure how this will work but this is a really big change for Apex, maybe taking inspiration from Fortnite?

That’s not all though as we are also getting a new gun from TitanFall 2 called Volt, a SMG type gun that has a lot of speed to it. We will most likely get more changes to the map but we have no clue yet. It looks like we will just have to wait until the 18th for that. We will keep you updated with all Apex news.

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