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Apple iPhone 13 Details Leak, Next Year’s Model Could Be Better



According to a leak, Apple iPhone 13 would have the same-sized display as the iPhone 12 smartphones.


  • Four phones will be available in the line-up
  • iPhone 13 devices could feature with OLED displays.
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max may have a 6.67-inch display.

Apple’s iPhone 12 is about to launch with the big camera upgrade but the next-generation iPhones could be even better.

Later this year Apple will launch the iPhone 12 smartphones and as the launch time is getting closer tipsters are occupied in revealing information about next year’s iPhone 13 and iPhone SE.

In a huge leak coming from the trusted insider, Ross Young, on Twitter, it is revealed that the iPhone 13 series will come with a similar-sized display like iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 series lineup will come with four phones and it is also claimed that the upcoming series would be integrated touch (Y-Octa) panels. Ross Young added that iPhone SE will have a 5.42-inch display and the bigger iPhone 13 model will come with a 6.06-inch display. iPhone 13 Pro Max will feature a 6.67-inch display and the pro version will flaunt a 6.06-inch display.

Also, all models are said to don OLED boards, anyway, their providers will be unique. This is on the grounds that SDC (Samsung Display Co., Ltd.) will gracefully boards for Pro Max just as the littler model, which could be called as Mini, while LGD (LG Display) will make boards for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. The report likewise guarantees that BOE will likewise be providing boards for the Pro and standard iPhone 13 models.

These are the top leaks till now for iPhone 13 models but we can’t say exactly will the forthcoming series of iPhone will feature with the claimed attires. We have to wait until the iPhone 13 devices will reach the market to witness the exact features.

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