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Arma 3 DLC SOG Prairie Fire heads to the Vietnam War



Theaters of war are expanding as Bohemia Interactive has revealed a new DLC coming in the second quarter of the year for Weapon 3. The gigantic military sandbox that is Weapon 3 will offer players more DLC content with SOG Prairie Fire and will focus on the Vietnam War. With its setting, the game will allow players to experience the brutal intensity of war on a scale never seen before.

The DLC is being developed with the help of American veterans and Vietnamese advisers, which will make things even more authentic. By plunging players deep into enemy territory, it will be a markedly different experience.

The new terrain of Cam Lao Nam is the protagonist of this Weapon 3 DLC. The playing area will be 300 square kilometers in size, specifically designed to allow players to execute missions through the different phases and locations of the war. Bohemia Interactive is doing its best here.

You can launch missions from six forward operating bases or survive an uprising on the streets of Saigon. Stealthier players can conduct reconnaissance operations in Laos or travel by boat through the winding swamps of the Mekong Delta. All in all, this is a litter box full of possibilities.

Weapon 3 Dlc S.o.g. Prairie Fire Heads to the Vietnam War (2)

Choose a side

To tie it all together, the Weapon 3 The DLC will also feature four new factions. SOG Prairie Fire will allow players to go into battle such as the US and South Vietnamese armies, the Military Assistance Command, the Vietnam Observations and Study Group (MACV-SOG), the US Special Forces. Or the Viet Cong guerrilla. Each faction will have its own weapons, uniforms, and equipment.

In total, players can expect 55 unique weapons with detailed animations, realistic sounds, melee functions, and even weapon accessories. To break it down even further, you’re looking at 41 detailed uniforms, 30 vests, 28 backpacks, 15 accessories, and 20 headgear. Each of these will come with a number of variations as well.

Of course, the war will involve all kinds of vehicles. The DLC will bring a total of 54 new vehicles and static weapons to the table in Weapon 3. Factions can rely on helicopters, gunboats, tanks, cars, trucks, planes, and even bicycles to get where they need to go. Defenders will also be able to take down their enemies with the help of static weapons. Expect to wield heavy and light machine guns, mortars, howitzers, and anti-tank missile launchers.

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If you prefer to work together, there will also be a cooperative multiplayer campaign. Up to 14 players can join together as the elite MACV-SOG “Columbia” reconnaissance team and attempt to stop the flow of materials down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Operate behind enemy lines and win a momentous victory for your side.

The entire campaign consists of six highly repeatable missions with dynamic difficulties. You can even get in or out comfortably.

Content overload

SOG prairie fire will add nine new multiplayer scenarios for the official game modes of Warlords, End Game, Zeus and Escape. For players looking to enjoy the fun on their own, there will be two new single-player Showcase stages. Players can become familiar with weapons, vehicles, and equipment during that time. Additionally, a fully narrated single-player exhibition scenario for both PAVN and MACV will introduce you to the world of jungle combat and historical warfare.

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This is a great DLC for Weapon 3, and it comes thanks to Savage Game Design, a small UK studio. Having worked with other third-party developers under the Creator DLC program, this represents the next step for aspiring creators to get their work done.

A small closed beta test for the DLC will take place in the next two weeks.

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