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Arthur Aguiar launches lecture on ‘BBB’; see other ex-BBBs who did the same



But anyone who thinks Arthur was a pioneer in the consulting business after Big Brother Brazil is wrong. Before him, other champions and former participants showed their productivity and overcoming strategies out there. Some even used it as a source of income after the reality show. See now who they are!

Max Porto – BBB 9 Champion 🥇

Shortly before the premiere of BBB 18, Max Porto, champion of the ninth edition of Big Brother Brasil, published his course on social networks. In it, the former BBB offered a consultancy on “the shortcuts and dangers” of the BBB. The value for this amazing guide? Almost R$ 1 thousand for two hours of class.

Recently, Max also launched a podcast in which he talks with former participants and recalls iconic moments from the reality show.

Tereza evaluates her participation in the BBB — Photo: Fabiano Battaglin/Gshow

Tereza Souza is a psychoanalyst, social worker, and, after her time at BBB 19, a consultant specializing in realities. In her courses, the former BBB shows everything she knows, from the selection process to confinement strategies, for the simple trifle of R$ 200.

Adriana Sant’Anna and Rodrigão – BBB 11

Adriana Sant’Anna and rodrigão became a power couple on BBB 11 and decided to join forces to launch their courses. the influencer has already given motivational talks about life changes and even breastfeeding. Rodrigão promotes courses and monitoring on productivity.

Together they give talks on how maintain a healthy relationship and a lasting marriage.

Arthur Aguiar thanked his wife, Maíra Cardi, for their unconditional support — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

According to Arthur Aguiar, his wife, Maira Cardi, played a very important role in their victory. The actor commented on how the influencer’s knowledge of reality helped him in the game’s strategies.

The secrets of the reality show may have been left only to Arthur, but Maíra has already consulted on many subjects, especially fitness. Her courses cost more than R$100,000.

Fernando Fernandes – BBB 2

Fernando Fernandes in ‘No Limite’ — Photo: Globo

Fernando Fernandes shone as the new presenter of ‘No Limite’, but before that, the athlete also gave some motivational speeches. In the courses, he talked about his accident and how he overcame the tragedy through sports.

Dhomini – BBB 3 Champion 🥇

Dhomini, BBB 3 champion, did a little bit of everything after the reality show. He invested the prize in land, real estate and developments. But nowadays, almost 20 years after his participation in the reality show, the man from Goiás earns his living by advice and giving lectures on entrepreneurship alongside women, Adriana.

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