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At 77 years old, Chico Buarque announces marriage



the singer and songwriter Chico Buarque de Holanda announced this Monday (23) that he will marry the lawyer Caroline Proner in 47 years. she teaches Human rights at UFRJ (Federal University of Rio). The famous name of MPB has 77 years old.

Photo: Official Website / The Music Journal

The request for the officialization of the union was published in the Official Gazette of the Justice of Rio.

Chico Buarque and Caroline started dating in March 2017. The lawyer, born in Curitiba (PR) and mother of Francisco (21) and Barbarian (20) started to accompany the composer on tours

Before Caroline Proner, Chico Buarque was married during 33 years with the actress Marietta Severus. they split into 1999.

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