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Audience sleeps at “Encontro” and Patrícia Poeta’s rejection is increasingly blatant. Globo sees “persecution”



Program that was presented by Fátima Bernardes faces a moment of crisis

247 – Patrícia Poeta has found it difficult to be accepted by the audience of the “Encontro” since she took over the presentation of the program that spent 10 years in charge of Fátima Bernardes. In addition to the criticism received on social media, the journalist has not held the attention of even the audience.

According to the Yahoo portal, on Monday (18), netizens noticed the boredom of some people in the studio. A woman even appeared sleeping during the program. The images soon went viral on social media.

“Sleeping with Patrícia Poeta”, said one viewer. “The show is so interesting it made me sleepy,” wrote another. “She is waiting for Ana Maria Braga to wake up”, joked another one.


Among the public’s complaints about the new “Meeting” is the fact that Patrícia Poeta talks a lot about herself, interrupts other people (especially Manoel Soares) and “forces animation too soon”. It is worth remembering that Globo changed the time of “Mais Você” with the departure of Fátima Bernardes. Now, Ana Maria Braga performs after Patrícia Poeta and even changed the meaning of her “wake up, girl”.


Manoel Soares ignored

The relationship between Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares has contributed to the public feeling more and more rancid of the presenter. Many people have already noticed that she doesn’t give her colleague space to talk. Some even point to racism in the case.


Globo defends the presenter

In a post on the networks, Globo’s Twitter account came out in defense of Poeta: “It’s been a delight to spend the mornings with Patricia! She is a sweetheart and always puts on a show.”

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