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Band cheers up with SBT’s bad phase and already dreams of third place on Ibope· TV News



The bad phase of SBT in the public already animates several sectors of the Group. The station will launch a new grid in 2022, reinforced by the arrival of Fausto Silva in the night band. If Silvio Santos’ TV does not react in the coming months, The group intends to reach third place in prime time on the news.

The Group’s initial objective for next year is to increase its workforce between 6 p.m. and midnight, a period when the largest investments by sponsors are concentrated and when the public watches television the most. Today, Johnny Saad’s network has limited reach because of Pastor RR Soares’ Show of Faith.

In 2022, the gospel attraction leaves the beach at 9 p.m. after 18 years. Faustão will work from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., and will be responsible for maintaining the right rate that Brasil Urgente with José Luiz Datena and Jornal da Band reached in the early evening. Within days, journalists even beat SBT.

The group is delighted as Silvio Santos’ station still shows no sign of reacting. In the interpretation of the sources heard by the news channel, the network is absolutely dependent on its Sundays, Mexican soap operas and football matches to fight for the vice-presidency in Greater São Paulo, Brazil’s main metropolis.

At night, SBT’s highlights are A Praça É Nossa and Show do Milhão, which have not been above the six-point average in recent weeks. Even Ratinho, who has long celebrated second place against Record, struggled to reach five points with his program.

Another moment considered fragile is the 1pm group, with Bom Dia & Cia. This week, with the coverage of the Libertadores final between Palmeiras and Flamengo, Jogo Aberto and Os Donos da Bola even performed the comic presented by Silvia Abravanel in fourth place.

Based on the immediate results of Faustão and the band of shows in preparation, with the right to a daily MasterChef, the leaders of the Band understand that it is possible to disturb and even beat SBT. Silvio Santos’ station has yet to release any news for its 2022 schedule.

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