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‘Bath in the testicles’: German creates male contraceptive and wins prize of almost R$ 250,000



A German woman has created an ultrasound machine that promises to be a male contraceptive. The artifact that “bathes the testicles” and neutralizes semen has won Rebecca Weiss the main prize at the James Dyson Awards. She took US $ 45,000 (the equivalent of almost R $ 250,000). The information comes from Uol.

According to the UPI website, COSO, the name of the product, uses ultrasound to temporarily paralyze the movement of sperm.

The method takes a few minutes of action and is painless. The sensation is that of a hot “bath”. Not yet known on possible Side effects side effects.

The male contraceptive is used every few months – the exact time is not specified in the UPI report – to maintain the interruption of sperm movement and, thus, to avoid that they can fertilize the eggs after intercourse.


Traditional in Germany, the James Dyson Awards are known to “celebrate, encourage and inspire designers to come up with ideas that to resolve problems”.

In addition to the award, Rebecca Weiss was recognized by the entity to seek funds to proceed to the testing phase and try to sell the product.


The inventor of the artifact said the inspiration came from a health issue she was facing. The German had a Cervical cancer, and doctors suspected this was due to frequent use of birth control pills.

“When my partner and I are looking alternative methods, we realized the lack of methods for men, “he said, in the project presented at the Dyson Awards.

“This problem it’s not just mine. It affects many other women and clearly shows that the alternatives are being discussed publicly, ”she said.

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