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Batman Zero Point Comics Coming to Fortnite | Release Date, Codes, & More



Last season, we had Marvel, but this season will end with a massive crossover event in which DC’s Batman becomes an important part of Zero Point’s story. If you are interested in what this means, we will lay out the most crucial fact: there are will be be a batman skin on Fortnite. Soon.

Batman pounces on Fortnite island

This is big news, but unfortunately, there are some details still under wraps. Which do to know is that you will want to get your hands on these comics that are appropriately titled Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point. Here are the quick notes on this exciting new crossover.

The comics

The covers of two of the Batman Zero Point comics.
Image via: DC Comics

Batman’s introduction to Fortnite Universe is going to be heavily driven by history. So story-driven, in fact, that you’ll have to buy and read the comics that are released (as of April 20, 2021) to understand what’s going on with Batman’s deformation through Zero Point. Not only will there be a story focused on explaining Batman’s role in this strange world, but there will also be new information on the background to Zero Point.

This information supposedly it will not be released in any other way, including the game. There will only be six comics to collect., so we can expect this series to wrap up season 5 in a concise but exciting way.

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The codes

The leaked Harley Quinn Rebirth skin.
Image via: Epic Games

Each of the comics ($ 4.99 for standard media or $ 5.99 for cardstock) will be contain a code to be entered in Fortnite. Each code you obtain will unlock a skin or cosmetic. Currently, we only know which one of the unlockables is: the Harley Quinn rebirth skin. Unfortunately, we don’t know about the other five unlocks.

Still, the most important part of these codes: when collect all six, you will unlock a Armored Batman Character, with whom you can play. Suddenly, all those Joker skins that you see running around will be much more tempting to remove. All in all, this character mask will cost you $ 25 or $ 36. However, instead of just getting the Batman mask, you get all six collectible comics and other items and characters.

The history

Batman’s story in the Fortnite The universe will continue its trend of mystery. The premise is that Batman will go through a rift that forms in Gotham and will end in the Fortnite Island. When he lands, he will have no idea who he was or how he got there and will have to put his inner detective instincts to work to solve the riddle behind Zero Point. Gotham won’t make it without him, so hopefully he’ll regain his memory and go back in time.

Did you know that there are other Batman themed skins? Take a look at the current Harley Quinn skin or the Joker skin!

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