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Battlefield 6 May Be On Its Way To The Game Pass On Release Day.



Battlefield 6 is rumoured to be announced in May. After its hiatus after the disappointing Battlefield V game. Battlefield 6 is currently looking like it is releasing this year with a lot of different changes to please fans. The game will follow its usual trend of staying in the modern day war rather than go into the past or the future. There is one worry, that it will go too much into the Battle Royale genre.

Other rumoured features are a Battle Pass and one of those has been part of Battlefield for a while, evolving maps as you play through. This on the new hardware and longer time in development could mean great things for the game. 

Could this be the biggest day one release for Game Pass?

The new rumour that is starting to appear from the cracks is that Battlefield 6 will be a day one release on Game Pass. If this does turn out to be true it could be one of the biggest games to come to Game Pass on day one.

There is some skepticism here with the rumour though. The reason for this is due to it being too early. The game hasn’t even been officially revealed and doesn’t have a release date. A May announcement is rumoured but at the moment, it looks like June.   

E3 would be a good place to announce the game

At the moment, we have E3 coming up on June 12th – 15th. Every big company has been announced for the event except Playstation and EA. Making it unlikely that we will see an announcement at E3. We could see an EA event some time soon.

EA could still be announced for E3, as there is still a couple of months before the event. It is currently looking likely that Playstation and EA will go their own route. Meaning that we will most likely see an EA and Playstation event in the next couple of months.

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