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BBB has already started to invite for next year’s program. know who



The column knows that Boninho hates when we name names of program participants. When they are anonymous then even worse. Proof of this that Larissa Tomasia, announced by the column months before the premiere of BBB, only entered the program at 47 of the second half.

But try to soften your heart, little Boni. This year’s edition, marked by an intense and constant doldrums, raised the alarm for the recruitment of BBB 23, which cannot follow the same standards. And, as usual, the column received from its sources those who have already been invited to be realitynext year.


Let’s go: Demerson D’Alvaro, the highlight of the Rio de Janeiro samba schools parade, playing Exu in the front commission of the champion Grande Rio, was sought after by the Big Brother Brasil team.

The actor has not gone unnoticed by the network since the applauded performance during Carnival. Demerson has already signed with Globo to participate in one of the channel’s new series, O Jogo que Mudou a História. Now that shooting is over, it looks like plans with him won’t stop there. The column thought the idea was brilliant.

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