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BBB22. Jade Picon surprises the web by asking what it is to “make a pool”



Influencer Jade Picon once again caught the attention of netizens in a chat at the house with the brothers in which she questioned what it would be like to “make a pool”.

During a conversation with the confined, at one point, the expression “make a pool” came up and the influencer was left speechless. The common practice for lottery players was explained to Jade by Sister Laís: “Everyone pays and plays at the same time”, she clarified.

Web reactions

Of course, internet users were not going to let the participant’s doubt go unnoticed, and several tweets emerged about the lack of knowledge of the “pool”.

“The tranquility of the person who has never been to a lottery to try his luck”, commented an internet user.

Another still remembered the fact that the sister is a millionaire.

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