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Beasts and Bees come to Revita in first major Steam Early Access update



Revita is a 2D roguelike shoot’em up that launched on Steam Early Access in early March, but the developers keep progress. BenStar, the solo developer of Revitaand editor Dear Villagers (the same editor as Spanking bringer) just released the first major Early Access update titled Beasts and Bees.

This update adds a ton of additional content to the double lever shooter. It is also just the first of several updates slated for release. With the Beasts and Bees update, Revita You get two new NPCs, a brand new Celestial Weapon, an unexplored Branching Path, 18 more Relics, and Frogs.

As with all updates, there are also a variety of tweaks, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements. Many of the updates have been adjusted to create a more balanced experience. Additionally, you can now skip dialog, zoom out for a better view of a level, skip mashes and holds, and you can restart more quickly when you die. Now you can also run to the mouse.

For those who enjoy a little hoarding, you’ll be happy to know what Revita also now has more achievements and collectibles.

New Revita Updates

What is a Revita?

If you’ve never heard of Revita Or have you been toying with the idea of ​​picking it up, you can check out our initial impressions of the double lever shooter. The basic premise of the game is that you play as a child who needs to climb a sinister clock tower to regain his lost memory.

You climb through a series of procedurally generated rooms and fight challenging bosses along the way. To improve your chances of success, you can trade health for random upgrades. It is a delicate balance between sacrifice and reward.

Revita It is currently available for PC via Steam Early Access. Along with the Beasts and Bees update, BenStar also released an early access roadmap for Revita that gives players something to look forward to in the next update. There will be a whole new area, some new game mechanics, and more.

Revita Early Access Roadmap

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