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“Being humiliated in front of the TV”; Luciano Huck takes ‘kick’ live, apologizes and web reverberates



Luciano Huck50, was ‘corrected’ live by a child on board Little Geniuses last Sunday (17). It all started when Maurício, one of the contestants, asked the presenter to ask Igor about the capitals of the countries. The last named, after some answers, was confused about Barbados.

I think it’s something Town [a capital de Barbados]I think“, shot Igor. “That’s right, Georgetown, right?“, I wanted to know Angelica’s husband. Without hesitation, the boy snapped back the communicator. “No, Georgetown is [capital] from Guyana“, he replied.

Afterwards, the commander of the Sunday made a gesture with his hands, laughed and apologized for the ‘mistake’. “Oh ok, sorry. Whoever spoke is no longer here“, he said. Maurício also had fun with the situation and did not miss the opportunity to make fun of the global. “Luciano being humiliated in front of the TV“, commented the participant.

On social media, viewers resonated with the episode. “Luciano was not humiliated, despite being a gifted child he is innocent, I’m sure it wasn’t for evil“, analyzed a Twitter user. “People have difficulty understanding that they are children“, wrote another.

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