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Best Build for Snuggle Specialist Sarah in Fortnite



Snuggle Specialist Sarah is one of the many heroes that you can play as in Fortnite Save The World. Save The World is Fortnite’s very own PvE adventure where you fight to defend your base against husks. Although there are a few Snuggle Specialist Sarah builds in Fortnite, here’s our very own build that you can use in Fortnite Save The World. Snuggle Specialist Sarah comes with a perk called the Tail of the Dragon. Thanks to this perk, whenever you use Dragon Slash, you leave behind an energized tail that deals 45 base energy damage per second and slows enemies by 30% for three second.

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Fortnite Snuggle Specialist Sarah build

Since Snuggle Specialist Sarah is a ninja, this build focuses on amplifying her melee damage. Here are all the perks that you need to pick for this build.

Team Perk

Endless Blades: For every ninja on your team with 3 or more stars, your Shadow Stance duration increases by 4 seconds.

Support Team

Assassination: Dealing melee weapon damage grants 1 stack of assassination. This perk stacks up to 5 times. Assassination lasts for 5 seconds and increases weapon damage by 4.5%.

Legendary Blade: While using Shadow Stance, sword damage is increased by 25%.

Rapid Charge: Melee weapon eliminations grant 7.5 energy.

Wings of the Dragon: Increases Dragon Slash range by 3 tiles.

Corrupted Aura: During Shadow Stance, deal 6 base damage per second to nearby enemies.

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