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Best Girl Skins in Fortnite



Our Best girl Fortnite List of skins features the highest rated skins from our community. These are the outfits that get the most votes in Fortnite, and if you disagree with the result, you can rate them yourself and change the rankings!

The skins in Fortnite they have been a big part of the success of the game. While most games of this nature tend to be first person and you can barely see yourself, this game is third person so you are always looking at your cosmetics. That means the skin you have on is much more important and you can customize it in a number of ways.

The list below features the best skins that have been rated by our community! If you want to influence the rankings on this list, you can rate all skins through our Fortnite Skin Gallery.

The best girl skins in Fortnite

There are a lot of cosmetics Fortnite, and they will always be able to add much more to the game. The choices you can make seem endless. But what about girl skins, feminine outfits? What are your favorites?

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Here’s a look at the best girl’s outfits of all time in battle passes and item stores across the entirety of From Fortnite history. Please let us know if you agree with the community, and if not, what would your top 10 picks be?

From Chapter 2 Season 6, some girls skins have moved up fast, like Rebirth Raven and Isabelle.

# 1. Lynx

Classification: 4.0/ 5. From 13.7K votes.