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Snapchat has reportedly started testing a new feature that will let you add music to videos you save and send. The new feature, announced on Monday, makes Snapchat the latest social media platform to compete with TikTok.

Snapchat’s announcement comes at a time when TikTok is under intense scrutiny in major markets.

In India, the application was banned at the end of June along with 58 other applications of Chinese origin.

In the United States, President Trump has threatened to crack down on TikTok over growing concerns over data privacy.

Snap said it will launch the feature to English-speaking users this fall, with its launch in New Zealand and Australia starting today. The feature could allow Snapchat to gain some of the energy and creativity that users currently bring to TikTok, but it looks like it wasn’t intended as a full competitor to TikTok.

For now, it looks like there won’t be a stream of videos set to music, and there won’t be a way to see other videos featuring the same song – two key features of TikTok.

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A spokesperson for Snap pointed out that it was designed to share music with your “real friends”.

That said, Snap knows TikTok is the target here. In an email detailing the new feature, Snap said that “based on publicly available data,” its app “reaches more people in the United States than Twitter and TikTok combined.”

When your friends receive one of the new Snaps with music, they can swipe up to view the album art, song title, and artist name.

How will it be?

A “The “Play This Song” link will also be available. When clicked it will open a web view on Linkfire which will allow users to listen to the full song – not a sample – on their favorite music streaming platform, like Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud.

When can we expect it?

According to the report, the new feature will roll out this fall. The “robust” music catalog includes titles from Merlin, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Music Group and other record labels that have partnered with Snap.

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