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Best Minecraft Beach Seeds for Bedrock and Java



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A nice day at the beach can be as good in-game as it can be in real life, and Minecraft is one of the best games for finding idyllic beaches. But why trek thousands of blocks to find the perfect beach when you can start out right next to one? To save you the walk, we’ve listed the best Minecraft Beach Seeds for Bedrock and Java edition below.

Best Minecraft Beach Seeds List

  • Java 1.19
    • Dolphin Beach: -4828625412458267839
    • Mangrove Shore: 6237570501287390526
    • Spruce Sea: 9061064535691782356
  • Bedrock 1.19 (Note: Bedrock seeds work in Java, but they generate structures differently)
    • Golden Coastline: 5713173535512237233
    • Tropical Cove: 5072285883221473786
    • Monster Mangrove Lagoon: -7608991650668401545

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Best Minecraft Java Beach Seeds

Dolphin Beach

Seed: -4828625412458267839

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

A sprawling beach that seems to go on forever with Dolphins that appear all across your starting location. This is an incredible spawn for someone who wants to set out swimming immediately, or just an eager island dweller excited to expand their base near the shore. And there’s plenty of landmarks, in the water and inland, for your to discover.

  • Key Locations
    • Underwater Ruin: -285, -571
    • Shipwreck and Ruin combination: 389, 481
    • Cave with Mineshaft: 355, -135
    • Ruined Portal: 64, 304

Mangrove Shore

Seed: 6237570501287390526

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

A Mangrove Biome living up to its job of preventing coastal erosion! This is one of the most natural beach/Mangrove biome combinations we’ve seen, and it’s got a lot of discover to boot. If there was ever proof of a lost underwater civilization in Minecraft, it’s in this seed, as there’s a half dozen underwater structures less than a few hundred blocks from spawn. This is definitely a great seed for adventure or exploration.

  • Key Locations
    • Underwater Ruins: -204, -545
    • Underwater Ruins 2: -181, -834
    • Underwater Ruined Portal and Beached Shipwreck: -253, -1260
    • Ruined Portal: -520, -1610
    • Ocean Monument: -218, -207

Spruce Sea 

Seed: 9061064535691782356

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Despite being a seemingly landlocked sea, this beach still sprawls with fish, turtles, and the occasional dolphin! But beaches aren’t the only natural wonders in this starting position, with open caves and caverns, frozen biomes, and huge mountains looming close by. And perhaps most incredible is the coastal Woodland Mansion that sits close by, offering an incredible early game challenge. Plus, if you head out into the ocean proper, you’re in for some even more pleasant (or unpleasant) surprises!

  • Key Locations
    • Ice Spikes Biome and Frozen Shipwreck: -102, 657
    • Open Lush Cave: 453, 408
    • Woodland Mansion: 466, -522
    • Ocean Monument: 192, -783
    • Ocean Monument 2: 235, -1291
    • Mushroom Fields Biome: 227, -1013

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Best Minecraft Bedrock Beach Seeds

Golden Coastline

Seed: 5713173535512237233

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

A vast desert leading into a warm ocean with coral and other underwater spoils. It’s a location so nice that a Temple and an Illager Tower also decided to set up shop here. But why is it called the Golden Coastline? Well the Badlands biome within a stone’s throw of your starting location means you’ll never be short on gold.

  • Key Locations
    • Badlands: -291, -118
    • Desert Temple: 249, -134
    • Village: 347, 115
    • Illager Tower: 374, 295

Tropical Cove

Seed: 5072285883221473786

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

A dense jungle, a wrecked ship, and a beach you’re washed up on. This could be the perfect place to start a new life in Minecraft! Beyond the stranded on a tropical island vibes this location gives off, there’s also a plethora of biomes close by that can provide you with all the materials you’d want to start your base. And if you head out to sea, you need to lay eyes on the incredible mountain ranges that rise directly out of the ocean.

  • Key Locations
    • Shipwreck: -283, 107
    • Jungle Temple: -840, 325
    • Mountain in middle of ocean: 557, -266
    • Village: 1218, -855

Monster Mangrove Lagoon

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -7608991650668401545

A vast Mangrove forest sits just a few blocks away from your starting location, with a huge beach running across it. A series of islands make up the majority of the land in this starting area, but just beyond this lies huge amounts of resources and forestry. The Mangrove area opens up into a huge lagoon, before transitioning into a jungle, and finally a desert. 

  • Key Locations
    • Ruined Portal: -252, 316
    • Village/Ruined Portal combination: 47, 659
    • Desert Temple: -741, -246
    • Mushroom Fields Biome: -18, -633
    • Ocean Monument: 136, -825

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