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Best Minecraft Fantasy Texture Packs



The word fantasy it can mean different things to different people. Some people refer to it as a medieval-style setting with swords and dragons. Other people refer to it as anything outside the realm of reality. In our list below, we have put together the list of the best fantasy texture packs for all types of people, regardless of what type of fantasy you want!

Many of the most advanced Minecraft texture packs require Optifine to be installed to work. We highly recommend installing it to improve game performance and visual effects if you want to use the resource packs listed below.

All the texture packs we have listed are updated to fit Minecraft version 1.16 and higher. If you’d like to see how to install a texture / resource pack for your game, be sure to check out the instructions listed.

Short list

If you are using this page to view a specific texture pack, you can use the links below to go directly to that part of the page. The download links go directly to the PlanetMinecraft page where you can download the file based on its resolution.

Have suggestions for texture packs you’d like to see added to the list? Leave a comment below with a link to the medieval texture pack you like, and we might feature it the next time we update our list. Remember, all featured texture packs should work for the latest version of Minecraft!

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Best Modern Minecraft Texture Packs

Below you will find a clearer description and previews of all the texture packs on our list. If there are plugins associated with the resource pack, we will also mention them below.

Jehkoba Fantasy

Jehkoba’s fantasy fulfills the wish to see Minecraft with less clumsy and shocking blocks. The game itself matches a fantasy setting, and this texture pack helps stay true to the default pack, but softens the color scheme to match better. Those of us who play SNES will see the resemblance between this texture pack and fantasy settings in our favorite games for the system. This texture pack is perfect for wood and stone builders who like to keep things simple.


Like Jehkoba’s Fantasy, Quadral is a texture pack that takes us back to the old days of playing on old game systems. The texture pack looks like a cross between Kirby Y Zelda games. This texture pack has sharper edges that allow you to easily distinguish between blocks, but not where it distracts. This texture pack was voted the winner in a simple texture pack contest, and for good reason. This pack is perfect for those of us who refer to fantasy as old-school RPGs.


Simply put, Hafen looks a lot like Adventure time. There are strong elements of cartoon RPG fantasy and light touches of sensory overloaded textures from cyber-punk. This is a light color texture theme that brightens up your Minecraft world. The Nether looks completely different and makes bright colors and hues less inviting and more intimidating. The mobs get a complete makeover and make it difficult to determine if this texture pack brings you far back in time or sends you into a post-apocalyptic future.


Hananacraft would be a cartographer’s dream. This texture pack has recently been updated to include new textures. One of the selling points of this texture pack is that it includes textures for many mods and items that are not in vanilla. Minecraft. It’s perfect for players who not only want to play in a fantasy world, but feel like they designed the world themselves. If you make home decor a regular part of your Minecraft gameplay, then this texture pack is perfect for you.

The Hananacraft texture pack in Minecraft.

Medieval winthor

Winthor Medieval is the highest resolution we feature on our list (64x) and they use every pixel for incredible attention to detail. If your computer cannot handle 64x resolution in Minecraft, we almost recommend buying a computer just to experiment Minecraft with this texture pack. All the blocks feel like they brought you from the Middle Ages. The only problem is, it can feel like it’s warped to an alternate universe, a real-life 10th century blocky form. When you go back and see the world around you, you may want to get back in the game.

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Additional Information

The videos and images above mainly feature these texture packs with shaders that enhance the images of Minecraft. These improvements include things like proper lighting, water effects, and particle effects. While installing the texture packs will improve the look of your game, you also need to install OptiFine and a decent shader to get the full effect. Please use the instructions or links below to get the most out of your Minecraft experience.

OptiFine Installation

For detailed instructions, use our guide on how to install Minecraft OptiFine. Alternatively, you can follow the basic instructions below.

  1. Make sure you have Java installed. Otherwise, go to the Java download page and install it.
  2. Go to the OptiFine download page and download the version of OptiFine created for your version of Minecraft.
  3. Run the downloaded file to install OptiFine on your Minecraft source files. When presented with the option, click Install on pc.
  4. In the Minecraft Launcher, go to the Installations tab and make sure that OptiFine is selected as the version of Minecraft would like to run.

Installing resource packs

For detailed instructions, use our guide on How to install texture packs in Minecraft. Alternatively, you can follow the basic instructions below.

  1. Use the links above to go to the download page for the texture pack you would like to install.
  2. Open the resource pack folder from the Minecraft main menu (not from the Minecraft launcher).
  3. Open the folder that contains your texture pack folder (can usually be found in the Downloads folder of your browser / computer).
  4. Drag the texture pack file from the current folder to your Resource Pack folder.
  5. Select the resource pack from the main menu to use it.


For detailed instructions, use our guide on How to Install BSL Shaders in Minecraft. Installing Shaders is a bit more complex than installing OptiFine and texture packs, so we recommend using the link above to see how to install shaders. If you have a different shader that you would like to install, you can follow the same process. The following list provides examples of some of the best shaders.

That is all for now! Don’t forget that you can easily switch between resource packs in the Minecraft Main menu, so be sure to try all the texture packs on our list!

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