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Best Minecraft Modpacks – Any Version

Mods are an essential part of Minecraft. Everyone can get a tad bored of plain vanilla Minecraft, craving just a little more out of the sandbox game. Modpacks, like shaders, are a perfect way to feel like you are playing a completely new game. Whether it is an entirely new mode where you spawn on a singular dirt block in the sky, or a vast world full of magic, new textures, and quests, there is plenty of fun in a mod pack.

There are individual mods you can download that add things like minimaps, HUD information, better torches, furnaces, crafting tables, you name it. Modpacks compile everything together for a more comprehensive experience, which is the focus of this article. 

Best way to download packs

The Twitch App for PC. This app allows you to download mods for Minecraft along with other games. It’s an easy, one-step option to get packs for any kind of Minecraft version. Just download the app, link accounts, and browse modpacks to find it. This allows you to play modpacks for many versions. Everything is comprehensive and easily accessible. 

As far as the best Minecraft modpacks go, you need a little bit of variety. First, RLCraft by Shivaxi is an enjoyable hardcore mode that will have you sweating. It’s not very simple from the start, as you have to go very realistic with things. You make an ax and pickaxe by finding a way to make string from grass and plants to be able to mine stone which doesn’t pop in your inventory as cobblestone, making you have to work extra hard for everything.

The mobs in this are far from realistic though. Crazy spirits that come out of ores you mine randomly, insane spiders, insects, pirates, and giant fish in the ocean that kill on sight to name a few. If you can survive, let alone thrive in this mod pack, you are a talented player with quite a bit of patience.

Skyblocks are something that lots of Minecraft fans have tried out. Naturally, there are many variations of the game mode. This specific modpack features a built-in progression system, a redesigned resource gathering system and more options for players to create their own experience.

Starting on a few blocks can be difficult, but with the right amount of patience and decision making, it can be a whole lot of fun. There are over 30 world types to choose from, making this pack a very comprehensive skyblock experience. 

Some of the best Minecraft modpacks include mixing the best of vanilla Minecraft with new ideas. That is what MCE by adam98991 does. Adventuring, crafting, science, magic and so many more things exist in this pack. There are legendary artifacts, quests and many things to do in this pack.

The creator wanted to use mods that fly under the radar, which pays off big time if you are comparing this pack to other popular packs. There is so much to do, with over 750 quests along with frequent updates. 

Pixelmon is another staple of the best Minecraft modpacks. The Pokemon experience in Minecraft is a ton of great fun. This modpack features Pixelmon, an original soundtrack, Biomes O’Plenty, and other mods that enhance the overall experience of Pixelmon. 

A Minecraft modpack that takes away the feeling of vanilla Minecraft can be kind of annoying sometimes. There should be just a bit of that vanilla experience in the game. That is what HR: New Beginnings by Haydennz does. Minecraft does not need to be so complicated. 

It adds new biomes, technology, and weapons without going too far. There are so many simple and nice mods that are quite popular and in this version. 

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